Abused Horse Ellie Walks Again Thanks to “Blackfoot Horseshoeing”

If you’re a horse lover who wants to stay updated on the latest technology and trends in horse care, then you need to know about Blackfoot Horseshoeing. They have developed a groundbreaking trimming table that is revolutionizing horse hoof maintenance.

Horses need regular hoof maintenance to stay healthy and comfortable. Neglecting their hooves can lead to misshapen hooves that cause discomfort and pain. Blackfoot Horseshoeing’s trimming table allows horses to lie down comfortably while their hooves are trimmed, reducing stress for both horse and handler.

Ellie was a victim of neglect and had lost her hooves. But after just 15 minutes on Blackfoot Horseshoeing’s trimming table, she was able to stand up with new “basic” feet again. The transformation was remarkable and heartwarming.

Some people may wonder if sedation is necessary for horses during this process. The answer is yes, and it is not an act of cruelty but an act of care. Sedation helps calm the horse and reduce fear and anxiety, making the process less traumatic for them. Horses that receive proper care and handling regularly are more likely to handle the process well and may not require sedation every time.

Proper hoof care is crucial to a horse’s overall well-being. Neglecting it can cause immense pain and discomfort, which is heartbreaking to watch. Blackfoot Horseshoeing’s trimming table is an efficient, time-saving, and comfortable solution that ensures the safety of both the horse and the handler.

Remember, every animal deserves a commitment, and proper hoof care is an essential part of that commitment. Blackfoot Horseshoeing’s trimming table is a game-changer that is making life easier for horses like Ellie.