Amazing girl save the horse and treat him! Story of an unbreakable bound.

Ally and Coby the story of an unbreakable bound.

We will not part from Tik Tok. We will stay a little longer. this time to tell the heartbreaking story of a girl who manages to escape and gain the trust of a horse. A horse that had lost that trust.
I introduce you to the now inseparable pair of rescuer and victim. Ally and Colby.

An unbreakable bond

When it started?

Ally saved Colby before his slaughter. He had been ill-treated before and as a result found it difficult to rehabilitate. Consequently his fate was somewhat inevitable. Here comes Ally on stage. It takes Colby with the idea that he would restore his trust in people.

Ally trying to make Colby regain his trust in humans

How it went

Ally made the decision to rehabilitate Colby. It was difficult, though, because he had lost confidence in people and refused to approach anyone.
Ally, on the other hand, did not give up. She attempted to approach him in every way she could think of. She made an attempt to approach him with food. Carefully. But, once again, it was  difficult. Ally reasoned that if she helped Colby’s foot acquire confidence, Colby would gain confidence as well.

How it ended?

Colby abusers had used an inhumane technique called “Ear Twitch” to make him obey. And consequently Colby did not trust the humans. Ally continued with her efforts. And slowly he was beginning to believe in Ally. And so it went until one day Colby fully gained the trust of the people and began to be active. Going back once more to overcome small obstacles.

Colby gaining trust

The lesson?

It’s difficult to comprehend mistreating an animal that has done nothing to you. Even training methods have their limitations. But what can you expect from individuals who can abuse their own race?
To prevent a controversy, let us praise Ally for the miracle she performed. And let us hope that such things do not occur.
Fortunately, the ending of this story differed from the beginning. A lovely story with a heartwarming ending. An unshakable relationship is the subject of this narrative. Colby and Ally




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