Amazing one-month transformation of three malnourished horses

One day, they received an anonymous message, saying “I think you should know what’s going on with some horses across the river.” And immediately they just made the decision to go pick them up. Rosie, one of the horses, was simply depressed and her spirit was very low. The three of them were so beaten down, but they brought all three of them home: Rosie with her daughter and another horse.

All three of them were so anxious even when they got back to the farm (that is going to become a safe place for them). The horses either had to fight for their food, or they just don’t get it. It should be an awful thought this one: “I wonder if I’m going to eat something today”. And this was probably their thought every day.

When they arrived at the farm (their new home), they got their first sips of fresh water and their first bites of fresh hay. And they finally could eat without sharing with others or fighting for it.

When the vet examined them, she said that the horses have been severely malnourished for a very long time. We all could see their every single rib. They were especially worried about Rosie because she was really bony and her skin was awful.

The horses needed to be in quarantine for about a month, before they could release them into their own field. Those kind people made this experience as wonderful as they could for the three of them.

After one month and a day, they were finally able to go out on a pasture, eat fresh grass, run and just enjoy life. They all gained weight and they became happier and healthier with a lot of help from those amazing and kind people that saved them. It’s really inspiring to watch their transformation.