Amusing Horse Has His Own Style Of Jumping The Obstacles

All jumpers have their own style of jumping and their own way of dealing with horses or creating a relationship with them. When you tell them they are wrong about that they just answer back with the same thing. We all have different opinions about how to deal and create a relationship with horses but that doesn’t mean that one is correct and the other is wrong.

We don’t need negativity in our lives and we also don’t need people who comment on everything we do and tell us that it isn’t the right way to do things. Jumpers and eventers are interested in jumping a fence as clear as they can and they aren’t interested in what way the horse does it. What you are going to watch in this video is a horse who has his own style of jumping obstacles and he doesn’t need a manual to do that.

We just might give him some extra points for his creativity because it is something we don’t often see in jumping horses. It surely makes us laugh but the girl’s wonderful laugh is the icing on the cake of this video. Watch and enjoy the video!