Angry Horse Bites Man And Teaches Him A Good Lesson

We know that horses are typically very tender animals, but sometimes they can be dangerous to the extent of risking people’s life. However, the example in the video is not that drastic of a case. What you are going to watch is a cyclist who tries to get close to the horse and pamper it, but right at the moment, the horse bites him.

Speculations have been made whether it is a wild horse or not. Looking at the hanging mane, which is typically a sign of domesticated horses, you can tell that they are not wild horses but probably gone wild.

You can also tell that it was painful for the cyclist, who began putting water over his hand trying to reduce the pain. It is definitely not a good move getting close to an animal when you have never been around it before.

The cyclist may consider himself lucky because the horse’s reaction could have been riskier. We advise you to watch this video and hopefully you will understand the important lesson.