Apollo, the Appaloosa foal, enjoying his scratches.

Besides their striking appearance, Appaloosas are known for being gentle, friendly, and loyal companions. They tend to be very eager to please, which makes them a great horse breed for equestrians of all experience levels. Beautiful, charming, and flashy, Appaloosa horses are a great choice for a beginner. These horses are docile and willing. They are also loyal and able to bond with their owners. And they love scratches, of course. We have the proof in this video.

This cute Appaloosa horse, named Apollo, really enjoys a good scratch. We can see this from the way he approaches his owner asking for more scratches. And we think that it could be almost impossible not to please him. I mean, just look at how cute he is.

The majority of horses enjoy a good massage and scratch. It is fundamental that we safely touch our horses everywhere on their body. Especially if they get hurt. A horse will communicate with us through body language if they are not happy, or if we have hit the “it feels so good” spot.

But all horses are different and, respectively, like to be groomed or scratched in different places. Some of them like their faces, ears, and even the area at the top behind their front legs (you can call them horse armpits) to be scratched. But some of them do not really want you to touch them in these places. You should pay attention and see how your horse responds to the way that you groom or scratch them.

You probably already know that you can easily create trust and a really strong bond with your horse through the way you take care of him. And if you notice that your horse is coming toward you (like Apollo coming toward his owner), leaning on you, and asking for scratches, you should know that you definitely managed to create a strong connection between both of you.