Baby Horse Meets Baby Zebra For The First Time

Just about everyone loves horses. Their calm demeanor and their pure strength and agility are incredible to behold. But on top of everything, they’re absolutely stunning to just look at as well. These beautiful creatures have long been loved by humans, and when you watch the amazing video below, you’ll see why! When one woman was filming her friend cleaning the hooves of their horses, she couldn’t help but smile at how peaceful and beautiful the scene was.

Surrounded by a few baby foals, and a few adult horses as well, she instantly whipped out the camera and started to record. The video begins simply enough, the baby horse named April is busy investigating her surroundings. She looks into the camera to say hello before hopping into the barn. That’s when something happens that blows her mind!

She walks up to what seems to be an odd-looking baby horse. Her fur is different, but something else is a bit odd, too, around the eyes maybe? Suddenly, April realizes that she is not looking at another baby horse, but a baby zebra! It turns out that this gorgeous little farm breeds zebras as well as horses every year, and this little striped beauty was a bit too nervous to approach all of the horses.

Thankfully, this little zebra will have a lot of energetic friends to play with once she gets a bit more comfortable to be around them, but until then, she’ll happily watch the baby foals hop around like baby goats for the next few days! If you really liked this video, please share it with your friends so they can enjoy it as well.