Belgian Draft Horses national exhibition gone wrong because of low-skill handlers

Horse training is not a quick or easy process, no matter what various books, videos, or websites may tell you. However, it is also not all shrouded in mystery either, and it is possible to learn along with your horse, and doing so with a competent trainer or coach is the wisest way to go. There are many different ways to care for, handle and train a horse, but there are also a few basic things that you should never do to a horse, ever.

For example, in this video, an accident happened because the horse was anxious, and the handler was yanking the halter and threatening the horse with whips. Draft horses are very calm, peaceful, caring, and loving horses. But they are also extremely powerful. Therefore, the pulling on the bit was not needed. Reassurance would have been better from the handler.

The horse was already nervous, so yanking on its bit like that only caused more pain, which most of the time causes an adrenaline rush. Also, we all should know that punishing any unwanted behavior by jerking, flapping the reins, or lead rope will be counterproductive. Any time you do something that makes your horse lift its head and avoid the contact of the bit or even the halter, it is not learning. It is only reacting to avoid the pressure.

A whip is a helpful tool to cue your horse, and when used correctly, it’s an extension of your arm or leg. Whips come in many varieties and are called many different names, and they should all be used for the same purpose. But a whip should never be used to punish a horse. Striking a horse simply makes it confused and fearful. This is counter to the development of a willing horse.

In addition, because many unwanted behaviors are caused by stress, punishment might contribute to the habit. So instead, learn how to deal with your horse’s stereotypes by understanding what causes them and taking steps to minimize the triggers.

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