Caught on camera: Huskies go wild and attack horses in forest

There are several stories of animals who do not get along. Some educate us, while others just tell us what we have known for a long time.
In this scenario, two huskies assault two females riding horses through a cold area.

Huskies attack horse

How it started?

Two girls were riding across a snowy woodland. They come to a halt after a few seconds as they notice two huskies approaching them. The huskies are not aggressive at first, then they begin biting the white horse’s legs.

dog attack horse

How it went?

The girls began calling out for the dog’s owner, but no one responded at first. They continued to yell as they attempted to remedy the situation and keep the horses under control so that they would not run over the dogs. The girls shout their calls, but no one reacts for a few seconds until a figure is spotted coming quickly.
He appears to be the dog’s owner. He takes command of the dogs and remains calm in the face of the females, who were already justifiably furious.
In the following conversation, the guy informs the girls that his dogs are not so hostile, but their behavior is just because they have never been around horses before.

man stopping dogs from attacking horses

Lesson to learn:

Animals are often not hostile but this does not nullify the chances that animals are hostile. All the more we can say that huskies are animals that can be easily adapted to the environment. But just as the dog owner in this situation explains. Aggressive behaviors of animals often come as a result of not knowing the environment or the creatures in it. However, all of us need to be careful about animals. Do not completely trust an animal but love them completely.