Draft horses pull out truck from being stuck on snow

Some may wonder why people still use horses today when there are many more automatic, easier, faster, and less tiring ways to do the job. Many do it because they like it and want to pass on what they have learned about horses.

It is important to pass on what can be done using horses and that a person can still earn a living working with Draft Horses. In the video we can also see how cars and horses can work together, taking the “best of both worlds” to make this more efficient, productive, and profitable.

These Belgian horses are never been bred or foaled. They have a lot of energy and loves to pull. They work in the woods and fields, and at times have been used singly to pull the cultivator in the garden or to pull a two-seater sleigh.

The Belgian horse is known for its kind temperament and is easy to handle. They are still used for all manner of draft work, including plowing, logging, pulling carriages, hitches, and sleighs. Also, the riding of draft horses is becoming increasingly popular, in a variety of disciplines from western to jump in.

Draft horses are recognizable by their tall stature and extremely muscular build. In general, they tend to have a more upright shoulder, producing more upright movement and conformation that is well suited for pulling. They tend to have broad, short backs with powerful hindquarters – again, best suited for pulling. Additionally, the draft breeds usually have heavy bones and a good deal of feathering on their lower legs.

Feeding, caring for, and shoeing draft horses is costly. Although many draft horses can work without a need for shoes, if they are required, farriers may charge twice the price to shoe a draft horse as a light-riding horse because of the extra labor and specialized equipment required. Historically, draft horses were shod with horseshoes that were significantly wider and heavier than those for other types of horses, custom-made, often with Caulkins.

A stubborn horse walks behind you, an impatient horse walks in front of you, but a noble companion walks beside you.