Emotional Farewell: Legendary Horse Valegro Gives His Last Dressage Performance

If you are a dressage fan than I’m pretty sure you have heard about Valegro, a legendary horse who was ridden by the British equestrian Charlotte Dujardin, is a double World Champion in Dressage and has won several awards during his long career. As you can imagine, it was a very touching moment when Valegro had the last performance of his career at the London International Horse Show 2016.

In the video shown below, you will see the entire emotional performance of this fabulous horse and the full farewell ceremony with many of Valegro’s friends like Charlotte Dujardin, Carl Hester, and Alan Davies. His performance was so moving and all his loyal fans were in tears throughout all the performance.

Valegro delivered a spectacular performance as always and looked relaxed, comfortable, playing with the bits, and not in pain as some people suggested. This performance proves once again that this horse and rider combination deserved to win the 2012 Olympic Gold.

When Charlotte said: “He owes me nothing.”  we remembered once again that Charlotte is definitely the best rider out there. No one else could have managed or ridden Valegro as good as she did. Throughout all the performance Valegro knew all she had were his best interests at heart, and so, he had nothing to lose by giving all he got.

I bet that everyone was crying at the end of the performance when the reins are dropped and he then just breaks into walking and almost appears to nod at the crowd. Don’t miss their performance in the video below!