Excited Horse Kicks A Tree, Bucks With A Fart And Runs Away

A cool fall day seemed like a great place to have some fun for a horse called Svan. The horse gracefully canters into the forest while running after a dog. As all of the dogs are his buddies and they often play together like that, they are aware of his frisky mood so they move out the way.

The horse pins his ears and notices his owners in the forest so he decides to come in see what’s up. The horse’s hooves perform the sound beloved by every horse lover when powerfully touching the pathway and here comes the dragon breathing beauty. He nods his head a few times, that shows that he quite wants to buck but keeps an eye on the dogs to not run them over.

The showing off continues as he gets to his owners and slows down. Right before stopping, the horse kicks a tree with his right hind leg. Then he settles down, looks around at the other trees if any of them want a piece of him. No? Ok. Now it might seem that the show is over as he turns back to run out from the forest. A few steps of trot and  then the culmination of this whole video happens.

The transition to canter happens with a jump to the air with all four, a kick in to the air and a loud fart. Even a few of them! Then he runs off at full speed gallop and the dogs playfully run after him. Another powerful buck to finish the show before disappearing to the back stage.

This is a funny situation which is actually an often thing when watching horses play. For a horse to lift its whole body up in to the air and buck takes a lot of energy. The muscles are restrained and released when kicking what causes the gas to push out. It is fun when such hilarious actions of horses have quite scientific explanations.