Farrier Does An Incredible Job Hot Shoeing A Majestic Clydesdale Horse

I’m pretty sure that all horse owners are familiar with “Hot shoeing” as it is a very popular practice amongst all the farriers. The objective of this method is to form a soft surface between the hoof and the shoe and to seal the cut point tubules because by doing this way they are less prone to dry out in a dry environment. It is a long and challenging process but if it is done precisely you will get the most desirable fitting shoe possible.


While hot shoeing you must be quite watchful not to do any injuries in the foot because slips can create severe cuts and sores in the foot. Below are going to show you this complex process done by Richard Faiers, an accomplished and expert farrier, and is safe to say that he is one of the best farriers out there.



He does an amazing work hot shoeing of a large Clydesdale horse, which of course, is not a simple task. Although this is a difficult process, he makes it look very easy and his whole technique is very detailed, as you can notice. Many people call him the horse whisperer because he manages a hot shoeing job of a majestic horse without any problems.



It takes a special skill to do this process without being harsh on the horse but Richard is very gentle and careful towards the horse. We have to add that the Clydesdale horse is quite amazing and interacts with Richard who is very patient and concentrated on his job.  Enjoy the video!

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