Freedom and happiness between horses and dogs in the mountains.

Horses and dogs have way more things in common than you might think. For example, the way they respond to training is very similar. Knowing the similarities can help if you are the proud and loving owner of both a horse and a dog. With this information, you can easily transition from dog training to horse training and vice versa.

Both of these animals seem to have an innate ability to “sense” a person’s true intentions just by being in their presence. Because of this sense, dogs make for great companions and protectors. Dogs and horses are primarily the animals you will see competing in shows. This competitive spirit is because both of these animals are incredibly intelligent, talented, and willing/able to take orders or follow instructions.

Dogs and horses just go together – or at least, it seems like they should. Art over the centuries has certainly romanticized the dog-horse-human companionship as the epitome of sporting or outdoor life. We can see the horse and the dog caressing and loving one another. The video displays the friendly bond that the canine and the horse have with one another. The presence of these animals in your life can give you a lot of calm and positive energy because horses and dogs are the true friends of a man, cause next to them you feel safe. They feel the danger, and they are ready to protect you from anything.

It’s just as essential to make sure your horse is comfortable in the presence of dogs. For a horse, it always comes back to its fight-or-flight instinct. If a horse feels threatened by a dog, either of those instincts may come out, and the risk of injury is high, whether they choose to fight by kicking or striking or decide to run away.

It’s vital that the dog respects horses and understands how to be in their space. Since horses have binocular vision, they have a blind spot behind them and could easily kick or step on a dog that follows too closely. The dog needs to learn to respect the horse for its safety – this is especially important for aggressive or overly playful dogs. If you plan on riding out with your dog, the dog must learn to follow at a safe distance. A horse’s kick could lead to injuries or even death for the dog and should be avoided at all costs.

An aggressive dog and a spooked horse can be a recipe for disaster. If you are involved in a dog attack while riding, try to stay calm and assess your horse’s behavior, the dog’s behavior, and the general environment. Depending on the circumstances and your horse’s demeanor, it might be best to dismount, although some riders will feel more comfortable controlling their horse from the saddle. Try to distance yourself from the dog by riding away if you can do so in a safe manner. Keep in mind that a bolting horse might encourage an aggressive dog to chase. Keep the horse’s head away from the dog but do allow the horse to defend itself.

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