Funny Horse Reaction To His Friend Being Vacuumed

Horses are one the funniest animals when it comes to expressions, especially the facial ones. Either they are angry, or happy and relaxed they can always make us, horse lovers, smile.

No exception is this video where an Arabian breed horse named Tucker is looking at his girlfriend horse who is being cleaned by a vacuum. In fact, this horse grooming technique might also seem strange or hurtful for some people but it is actually a very effective and practical way of getting out all the dirt from a horse’s coat. If the vacuum is made for the use on horses, it is not hurtful for them.

As the majority of vacuums work, they might make a quite scary noise for some horses. If a horse introduced to such routine properly, they become desensitized and there is no need left to be scared. The mare in the video who is being vacuumed is already used to it but her boyfriend Tucker’s facial expression shows that he is very doubtful of this activity. The look on his face clearly shows the concern about his friend. The popped-out eyes and the head turned towards her even when tied to the crossties by both sides. It looks like Tucker is asking the mare if she is sure that this is comfortable to her and if she is okay.

I want to try this! But my horse might freak out…

You have decided to try out this life-saving hack for cleaning a horse but the very first thought that crosses your mind is that they might be scared of it, right? Well, horses are scared of a lot of things but with training everything is possible. One of the options could look like this video, vacuuming a horse who is already used to it and make it visible to your horse. It depends on how much they trust the other horse but it might help them to understand that it is fine and there is nothing to be scared of.