Girl skates with horses pulling her – and it’s amazing!

People made strange inventions times and times again. The stranger the invention, the more eyes on you. You get enough attention from yourself. And isn’t the attention what we are seeking from the beginning?

While some creators share just weird videos, there is nothing else there. Some creators also make us smile at their weird inventions like this creator.

I thought of many names for this way of riding with a horse: horse-skating, skating-horse, or even girl-skate-riding-horse. But, unfortunately, I don’t think any of those is good enough to describe what is happening in this video.

She is a beautiful girl who uses gorgeous horses to pull her while skating. She has tried this many times—the calm she possesses in doing that and how the horse’s change tells us that.

Now imagine driving for work and then beside you passing a horse. You don’t see anyone riding it, so you get serious. Just after that, a girl skates while she keeps her horse handle. Now try to tell that to someone without showing him the video. Would they believe you?! I wouldn’t believe you either.

The fact that she had done this before and then tried again with a different horse means she either has the support of many people or is so secure in her choices. Either way is good for us because we got what we needed from this video. A little smile is a gateway from the boring content of most creators.

Something seems disturbing to the video’s viewers, and they aren’t keeping it back in the comments. They are worried about the horse’s mouth doing all that pulling. Well, it’s not like the girl weighs a ton. And also, she is not staying there unmoved she is skating. The fact that there are wheels is enough of an argument to use on them. But if this argument doesn’t work for some reason, it’s better to tell them that the mouth is used more for directions and the shoulders pull the weight. All and all, this is a safe method for how long there are no other things on the road that may disturb the horse and make him lose his cool.



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Anyway, we all encourage that content creator to keep giving us strange ideas of how to ride horses. To provide us with enjoyable content behind all this plagiarism, a.i content we watch daily. Not all heroes wear capes; some of them skate-ride-horsing. That sounded very weird.

Anyway, keep up the excellent work!