Gorgeous Gypsy Vanners And Their Trainer Make The Dream Team

Gypsy Vanners are some of the most outstanding horses in the world and we are definitely very lucky to have them around. These amazing creatures look like they come from another planet because their beauty is so magical and enchanting. People usually recognize them due to their remarkable look but people who have worked with Gypsy Vanners or have had the chance to own one, know that these stunning animals also possess many valuable qualities that make them all-round horses.



They are loving and sweet, yet very powerful and productive. Centuries ago people solely used this gorgeous breed to pull carriages but many things have changed over the years and now they can compete in several disciplines including here dressage and hunter pleasure. Of course, as we mentioned above they are still adaptable to pull carts and carriages, but they also do incredibly well in the dressage discipline, and as western amusement horses.


In addition, they are very strong, amazing companions, brave, bright, and quite faithful to their owners. In the video shown below, you are going to see some of the most beautiful Gypsy Vanner horses who are also very talented. Bruce Griffin, the horse trainer shown in the video, is so lucky for having the chance to work with these elegant creatures.



Together they have created a dream team and deliver amazing performances wherever they perform. Their movements are very beautiful and the bond they have with their trainer can be perceived even in the video. Make sure to watch their beautiful performance below.

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