Happy Friesian Horse Gallops In Excitement Upon Owner’s Arrival!

Apollo, a Friesian Stallion, literally jumps for joy when he notices his human mom’s arrival at the gate. Have you ever seen a horse this happy before? It is always the same thing and some of the riders and owners out there still do not want to understand that mutual love, respect and trust between an owner and a horse is the most crucial thing in a relationship.

If you achieve this with your horse then your mission is accomplished and this video is the perfect example of how much the horse will miss you when you are not present. Horses understand and also know that love changes them and if you get your horse to love you he will do anything you ask him to do.

He will be your best friend and in time of need he will always be there for you. That is so adorable and it proves how these wonderful animals live and love as humans do. Watch the video!