He was abandoned in a very miserable condition, but they rescued and recovered him

This chestnut-colored horse was abandoned like garbage because apparently, some people don’t know how to love and appreciate an animal. But we are lucky that there are many kind people in this world, ready to take good care of these innocent and pure souls. Some kindly-hearted humans rescued and took care of him until he was all healthy and fully recovered. And gladly, after a while, he was eventually able to walk proudly forward.

As we can see in the video, the poor horse was the result of severe malnutrition, he was injured, and he barely could stand on his feet, swinging from one to another. Despite their differences from humans, horses are conscious individuals with their own welfare, and so do matter in themselves. Recognizing this will be an essential step in reducing the tremendous amount of unnecessary suffering and death that humans inflict on horses.

Most of us will never understand why some people can do that to any animal. Also, when we hear about horses neglected by humans, we are often outraged. But, we can see the level of a person’s education in the way he treats a horse or any other animal.

Humans and animals cannot simply end their relationship and part ways. We have to share a world. So we have to forge a better relationship because animals experience the same range of emotions as humans, including fear, joy, happiness, resentment, jealousy, rage, anger, and love.

And ending on a positive note, this beautiful horse is well, happy, and loved. Also, there is a saying: “You will NEVER experience a more faithful and unconditional love than you will experience with your horse.” But this is something only a horse owner will understand.