Heartbreaking! Ellie, the unattended horse and here saviors.

Sometimes when the world seems like it is always in a rush, neither the most lovable animals that for centuries have been close to humans by giving their all aren’t saved from the cruelty of the ill intention of vile minds.

That’s the story of Ellie, a beautiful horse left unattended by the owners. And not only. She also was thrown out. But even the slightest light looks eminent when the darkest times are around.

And so is the story of one of the nonprofit organizations( https://www.1horseatatime.com). And as they have as a quote: Saving one horse may not change the world … but it will surely change the world for that one horse. They did change the world for Ellie. They were that tiny light that Ellie needed in its darkest times.

The video shows a part of the process where a hoof trimmer takes care of Ellie’s hooves. Hoof timing is not dangerous but needs skills for hooves like Ellie’s. Now for the public eye, the hooves are just uncut nails. That would be the case if not for the horses having a deep relationship between their hooves and health and being that physical or emotional.

An iron cutter removes the useless part of the hoof, and we see that Ellie is not used to that. It shows signs of her being nervous or in distress to the point she needs another person to interfere and calm her. At some points, the person must use a little force to proceed in his hoof-trimming job.

The video ends while the person is still cutting one hoof. However, we don’t know if the whole proces went smoothly; we believe so because the ones working are professionals.

This video faced a more significant deal of positivity from the horse lovers community; there were also pessimistic voices. Voices that pinpointed the use of an iron cuter instead of nippers.

Nippers are considered a more professional tool than iron cutters. And so we see the point of the community is worried. But as we mentioned before, the individuals participating in this process are all professionals who have mastered this job. So it is worthless to spend energy worrying. Instead, it would be a better spend of power if we all supported the position of heroes without being so critical.

As the saying goes: let the heroes do their duty as heroes, and let the others praise those heroes. But, of course, it wouldn’t be bad for everyone to try and be positive and thankful toward those heroes. At least for how long, we can’t be the heroes.