When Horses Become Friends: a Playful Moment Captured on Camera

Animals sometimes are the faith restoration.

I’m sure you have once felt down to the point you want to sleep or scroll through your phone for the entire day. And then you have reached a video of animals. Maybe some cute kittens, maybe one royal dog who saves its owner. Perhaps a dancing dolphin. And your mindset directly improved. Once again, you gained hope and faith in humanity.

Although it may seem harsh, so it’s the truth. And we all feel like that.

A playful horse

This video is one of those hope restoration videos. A magnificent playful horse who can’t stay idle while his beautiful riding partner is nearby. While the girl is standing In a ready-photoshoot position in the horse stable, the horse decides to intervene with a small game of his.

The horse takes the cape the girl is wearing with its jaws. And the girl decides to play the game. She takes the hat back and then gives a charming look at the horse that looks like it is enjoying the game. After that, the girl turned to her position. Although the horse lost this game, it seems more than happy that it participated. (You can see it in the horse’s eyes.)

Deep relationship

Stallions and humans have had a deep relationship entrenched since the beginning of written history. Key figures that have made significant changes in the world we know today had great relationships with their animal friends. (Alexander The Greate and Bucephalus).

But the treatment of animals has become better since then. Horses are not seen only as transport solutions or war helpers but more as friends and partners.

The video itself is a prime example of that.

We can’t pinpoint exactly what is more beautiful in this video. The girl, the horse, or the game they were playing? Understanding each other without even speaking. But signaling the most common and undervalued language. The language of care and friendship. Something we humans are getting rid of day by day, unnoticed.


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To close the whole article, this heartwarming video is not so heartwarming for nothing. It gives us many lessons for us to learn. First, we need animals, but they don’t need us.

Second, good relationships can be formed even between two not highly intelligent creatures for how long they have goodwill.

Third, the beauty of life has never been material possession but an affinities possession.

Life can be enjoyed even by doing simple things.

When humanity loses its way, animals often remind us of the worth that still exists. Indeed, there is much to celebrate and be grateful for in the world.