Hilarious Horse Cracks His Neck and Makes the Funniest Face Ever

Similarity between humans and animals:

Animals and humans are sometimes extremely similar. Very similar in conduct, and we sometimes wonder who is more humanitarian. What is it about animals that makes them so similar to humans?
And we can’t go any further than their biological structure. Animals are nearly identical to humans because their systems function, in most situations, identically to ours.
Horses, like us, need to crack our necks. As in the example below.

horse cracking one side of his neck

What is happening?

In the video, we watch a horse named Monty krack one side of his neck but struggle with the other. This leads us to believe that the horse has muscular and physical issues. Because of the weight that their necks sustain, horses must crack their necks. This is true since they transport other persons or weights. Because their neck carries a lot of weight, such an exercise is required. Which takes us to the second point: if a horse finds this exercise difficult, it indicates that his neck muscles have issues that are not obvious at first look.

Horse cracking the neck


Monty effortlessly cracks one side of his neck but struggles with the other.
Monty cracks the opposite side of the neck after numerous attempts. This makes him quite proud and causes him to chuckle.
What we see is that Monty absolutely follows¬†the girl’s statements. This cannot be overlooked. Just like the horse’s pride cannot be ignored once he has attained his goal. We can’t go without adding that the horse offered us a joyful smile.
Congratulations, soldier!horse smiling

Lesson to learn:

Leaving everything else in this video aside, we must not forget the lesson that it serves as a reminder. Some activities are required for some animals, and the absence of these exercises indicates a problem with the animal. And in such instances, we must assist and encourage the animal in the same way that the girl does Monty.