Hilarious!!! Horse houdini act goes wrong. Owner reaction is priceless!

There would be no better start for this article than the question: what has happened?

Well, things are pretty funny and awkward at the same time. This is not something we see every day.

The owner and some others are facing a crisis in a place resembling a farm or a horse stable. A strange turmoil, no less.

A horse somehow has stuck over the fence’s gate. Yup, you read that right! But the situation gets stranger and more awkward the more you watch the video.

Now recheck the video and tell me what other strange things you saw.

Well, the first thing you would notice would be the owner. The dude is recording the camera the whole process. Some people are bold or experienced in this kind of situation. And the owner is probably experienced, but again, do something, man!

Some readers may be disappointed because recording something in those situations is not strange. So for those readers and others, watch the video again.

Is anything weird or uncomfortable, at least?

Let me help you. Do you think that’s how you get a horse stuck over a gate out of there? Cus I don’t think so. Whatever they are doing is funny but uncomfortable.

Now, I’m not someone who will judge people who are better than me in their profession. But you can’t stop me from judging animals.

Now look at the stuck horse and the horse in the back. The horse in the back seems to be telling the stuck horse that all that was a bad idea. And the stuck horse is trying to justify himself. Well, the horse should.

well if all this were the end, it wouldn’t be so funny. Recheck the video; if you don’t see anything weird, then too bad for you. I’m giving you a hint. Who tries to pass a gate not to escape but to enter it? You either are no good, or you are a thief.



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Letting everything aside, the video didn’t show us the ending. How did the people get the horse out of there? They didn’t show us even the most important thing. Is that horse good? Did it take any injury? What made the horse behave like that?

We all should protest and ask for another video where everything should be answered.

This horse gave us smiles and worries. If that’s not the main character, I don’t know what is. Let’s appreciate that sacrifice. And wish, hopefully, that nothing terrible happened. Thank you, hero!!!