Hip-Hop Dressage Got The Audience Hyped!

Dressage is considered to be the “art of equestrians” and it has become very popular in the horse world, especially in the last few years. However, a lot of people think that sometimes it is very cliche and boring because it may be very repetitive.

The one in the video is definitely different from all the usual dressages and what makes it so special is the hip hop music, which at first glance, seems to be something very strange because we are all used to typical dressages with no deviations from what’s classic.

It occurs not to be as it seems because the song fits perfectly well with the performance. Everyone in the audience seemed very entertained to listen to a hip hop song and at the same time watch an amazing dressage show.

Not only the people who were there loved it, but other watchers from home have agreed that this was a needed deviation from the other dressage shows. Equestrians should start being even more creative because people love novelty and that is what is going to make these equestrians stand out.