Horse and Rider Fail, But What Happens Will Leave You Stunned

We’ll keep watching Tik Tok. But this time, it was a viral video that made quite a stir in the horse racing press. And it was exactly this feature of the footage that he wanted others to see in the video that was shown. And this video is about a duo that did not give up even when they were down and their dreams were dwindling.

what is happening in this video?

What is going on in this video?
There isn’t much to say about this. All of the events were held at an equestrian event. While the field was packed with spectators watching the races. One of the horses, together with the rider, smashes in one of the obstacles, increasing the distance and losing hope.

Even though everyone assumed the two had finished the race, that happened the instant they crashed. Because he and the horse chose not to give up and got up right away. Not only did they astound the stadium, but they also astound their opponents. They’re engaged in that game.

They get back at race

How it went?

That rider, as soon as he got up and mounted his horse, was on the move and eager to seize first position. It doesn’t take long for the duo to approach the opponent who felt he had a guaranteed win.
And what follows is what happens. This team comes in first place on the obstacle course.
The tenacity of this couple has astounded everyone who has watched the scenario live as well as those who have seen it on social media.
We should also celebrate and appreciate. That horse was the catalyst for everything. Give him the Nobel Peace Prize for his tenacity.




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