Horse Doesn’t Chase His Friends And Hilariously Goes Against The Stream

We all have friends and we all know what friendship is about but when it comes to friends getting into weird situations we cannot stop laughing at them. As a matter of fact, there will always be a friend in the group that gets into weird fixes or makes a mess of whatever other friends might be organizing and we just can’t hold the laughter.

It’s not that these friends aren’t smart, it’s just that things happen to them. Well, the horse you are going to watch in this video is exactly the same as the friend mentioned above. He’s not sure how to do what his friends are doing and although he goes against the stream he keeps a good attitude and tries not to spoil the training of his friends.

Of course, he isn’t getting into trouble but I think he is figuring it out how it is done correctly. This smart horse definitely will find the right way of completing that workout. Watch the funny video!

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