Horse Gallops At 44mph, Rider Takes The Whole Action On GoPro Cam

It is great riding on a horse which is galloping at a certain speed because you feel the adrenaline rushing all over your body but it is more amazing when you take it on camera and what you are going to watch in this video is a jockey on a horse recording the whole galloping.


This is what it looks like from the jockey’s point of view to “work out” a race horse at high speed. It gives you chills only by watching it, not to mention trying it yourselves. It might be everybody’s dream to gallop a horse as fast as it can go on a nice track like this, it must feel like heaven.

As I watched the video my heart was pounding and I kept telling myself that both the horse and the rider were amazingly steady. And I have made up my mind…Screw the car. I am always using a horse from now on. Watch and enjoy the video.

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