Horse grants dying man’s final wish, bringing joy to his last days!

The heartwarming story of Patrick Saunders and his final wish to see a horse one last time has touched the hearts of many. Patrick, an 87-year-old man, went into hospice care, and his wish was granted by the staff at the care home. Victor, the horse, visited Patrick to grant him his final wish. Even though Patrick passed away three days after the meeting, the staff says he was so happy.

The coincidence of Patrick’s father being called Victor and his connection with horses made the visit even more special. Patrick used to help his father, who worked with horses, and the horse’s name was also Victor. The visit from Victor the horse made a significant impact on Patrick’s last days, and he brightened up so much that it turned a negative situation into a positive one.

The visit from Victor the horse was organized by Kathy Waddingham from the North Devon Hospice, who knew how much Patrick loved horses. Even though Patrick was not feeling well, he still checked Victor’s teeth to make sure they were all intact. The smile on his face was incredible, as seen in the video of their meeting. It was a wonderful moment that made Patrick’s last good day.

Victor the horse is a rescue from an equine rescue center not very far from where Patrick was. The association with horses runs in the family, as Patrick’s father ran a horse riding stable, and his mother learned to ride there when she was 15. The comfort that the visit from Victor brought to Patrick in his final days was immeasurable, and it was a positive experience for his daughter, Jane, who saw the wonderful care provided by the hospice staff.

The visit from Victor the horse to Patrick Saunders has touched the hearts of many, and it’s a beautiful reminder of the power of simple gestures of kindness. The North Devon Hospice and its staff made a positive difference in Patrick’s last days, and the visit from Victor brought joy and comfort to him and his family. This heartwarming story is a reminder of the importance of granting final wishes and the special bond between humans and animals.