Horse Pulls Owner in for a Tight Hug, Leaving Everyone in Tears

If you’re in need of a pick-me-up, look no further than Phoenix the three-year-old Friesian. This majestic horse has captured the hearts of thousands with her love of hugs and kisses. And when we say love, we mean LOVE. Watching her pull her owner in for a hug will have you in stitches.

It’s easy to assume that horses don’t have the same capacity for affection as other animals, but Phoenix proves that theory wrong. Her bond with her owner is evident in every hug and nuzzle. It’s clear that these two are meant to be together forever.

And if you’re worried that this heartwarming display will leave you in tears, you’re not alone. Even the toughest of us have been brought to tears by witnessing such a beautiful bond. But don’t worry, they’re happy tears.

One thing’s for sure, Phoenix is one fine, loving, and adorable horse. And if anyone thinks animals don’t understand love and affection, they obviously haven’t had a relationship with one. It’s a truly special experience that can’t be replicated.

Of course, not every horse is as affectionate as Phoenix. Some may just be in it for the treats. But if you’re lucky enough to form a bond like this, it’s truly gratifying and rewarding. So go ahead, give your horse a hug and a kiss. Who knows, maybe you’ll have your own viral video one day.