Horse Starts Bucking And Rider Does A Great Job Keeping Him Under Control

Jockey Tom Greatrex readies himself for the ride aboard Blue Haze in a bumper race at Worcester in May 2016, and then this happens as soon as he is to be led onto the racetrack. Ready to leave the parade ring and about to head out on course, Blue Haze decides to go all bucking bronco and make the unsuspecting rider have to earn his fee!

Despite the odds, conditional jockey Tom Greatrex rides the storm and manages to stay in the plate and even dismount and head back to the stables with the horse, who was declared a non-runner and didn’t take part in the race.

He showed himself calm in a really stressful situation which could have gone easily out of control. Was it a fair play by Tom? Is this considered to be horsemanship? Watch the video and share your opinions with us!