Horses And Trainer Deliver A beautiful Performance On An Open Beach

If you ask someone about what do horses represent, then I am pretty sure that the most obvious answers would be beauty and free spirit. It is totally true, however, people who are not really involved in the horse world do not know that horses represent much more than that. Horses do also represent positivity and loyalty, at the moment that you gain a horse’s heart, they will for sure love you until the end of their days.



Furthermore, horses represent intelligence. People do not know but horses are actually one of the most intelligent animals with an incredible intelligence potential that can be developed. Sometimes, it is almost crazy how horses understand your mood, they might be even better than your human friends at it. My personal favorite thing about horses is when I get to see them perform during different competition shows.


The performance below is not taken from any competition yet it is one of the most beautiful performances ever. It is really amazing to see these horses and their owner perform on an open beach. In this video, you will watch David Lichman and his horses playing at liberty. For your information, Liberty is working with a free and willing horse and David knows exactly how to display it in the best way.


He brought his horses to the beach at Pt. Reyes, California. The chemistry that these horses have with their trainer and between them as well is incredible. It must be amazing to be around them. Please watch the video below and share some love for these gorgeous horses. I guarantee that they will steal your hearts.