Incredible Rescue Mission: Watch as Wild Horses Teamed Up to Save Trapped Foal

If you’re a horse fan looking for an uplifting story, check out this incredible footage of the home of a group of feral horses that roam the range lands all year round. Yet, one recent encounter with these majestic creatures will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. Let’s dig a bit deeper now!

Jordan, the Range Rider, was out checking the range fence line up near the watering hole when he noticed two horses not immediately running away from him. This was peculiar, as these herds are notoriously skittish around humans. Jordan stopped to take a video and sent it to Candice, the owner of our horse fans website, urging her to come and photograph them. What Jordan didn’t realize was that the horses were actually protecting a newborn foal stuck in deep mud nearby.

The mare was being a strong and protective mother, and the stallion kept a close eye on her and the guarding mare. Jordan eventually looped down towards a gully where he found the foal. It took the combined effort of Jordan and Candice to watch the mare and carefully pull the foal out. Over the next two hours, they rubbed it down, gave it electrolytes, and waited for the mare to re-claim her baby.

The video footage of this encounter is a true testament to the bond between horses and their offspring. The ending will melt your heart, as the mare and foal are reunited in a beautiful display of love and affection.

As horse fans, we understand the beauty and majesty of these creatures. But this encounter shows a deeper connection and understanding of the nature of horses. It’s moments like these that remind us of the importance of preserving their natural habitats and respecting their place in the world.