Ivy, the miniature donkey enjoying his owner’s lullaby

In case you didn’t know, donkeys are surprisingly affectionate and loving. They seek out their trusted humans or other animals, whether to be petted, hugged, or simply to stand nearby. They can also become quite close to dogs, horses, and other pasture pals. They are smarter and more personable than a horse and just below the threshold of canine character.

Donkeys are also emotional animals who bond for life, and if they earn your trust, will do just about anything you ask them to do. They come when you call them and seek ear rubs, treats, and nuzzles.

This sweet little donkey, called Ivy, is only 4 months old and she loves her nightly lullabies. She likes to fall asleep in his loving owner’s arms and she really enjoys his voice (we can see that in her satisfied smile). But, any equines enjoy living with people and working with people who treat them well and handle them correctly.

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Taking care of a donkey is quite a bit of effort, but it can become a pleasant hobby. Even though keeping a donkey requires a lot of work, it’s worth it. They are much stronger than horses and very versatile. Also, they require far less veterinary and farrier attention than a horse. And sometimes, they can even cost less to care for than dogs. If you are comfortable with horses and horse care, a donkey is not very different to feed, care for, and handle. However, if you are not familiar with equines, you should enlist the help of an experienced person to help you select your donkey and teach you to care for it.

We think that donkeys would make a great pet for any equines lover. The bond you will create with them will be unbreakable – the proof is in our video. Just watch it, and you’ll definitely consider purchasing or adopting a donkey.