Jaw-Dropping Video: Amish Men Use Horse to Launch Boat Into the Water

Today we get to see horse carriages in shows, sport events or in cities driving around with tourists. What we don’t see as often no more is the horse power and carriages combined for work, such as loading a boat.

In this video you are about to watch or already did, you can see how a pair of horses are harnessed to an Amish buggy and connected to a trailer with a boat on top. The guys wanted to go fishing and had thought of a smart way for bringing and launching a boat into the lake. It is very impressive how skillful the coachman is by handling the horses and making them move so promptly.

Let’s be honest, it takes a lot of effort to park a horse trailer with your car backwards so nicely. The horses are very responsive to the man’s commands. They walk a bit to the side, then to the side and backwards at once and forward several times until the trailer is correctly parked in the water and ready to offload.

The Amish are people of a Christian group in North America who because of their beliefs live like in the 17th century. Faith-based Amish traditions include wearing plain clothing,  not buying public electricity, to put it more simply, living in a manner by excluding the outside world as much as possible. Yup, cars are also excluded from the list of what they use, instead they use horses on a daily basis, as transport and work machines.

A few of the most popular horse breeds seen in the Amish community are Standardbreds and American Saddlebreds who are perfect horses to pull a cart or a buggy. For farm work to pull plows through the fields or any other farm equipment, the most common draft horses used are the Belgian or Percheron.


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