Liberty With 6 Horses: Horse Whisperer Dan James Set The Bar High

There are excellent horsemen all over the world from America to Asia who have done tremendous work in the horse industry and deserve our recognition. One of the horse trainers who has become well known these past few years for his beautiful liberty performances is also Dan James, whose passion for horses began when he was only six weeks old.



He was born in Queensland Australia on a little cattle farm, and ever since he was a child his desire to learn and understand more about the way the horses’ mind works has only grown. After he finishes his studies at Longreach Pastoral College, Dan started traveling all over the world just so he could understand horses better.



He developed from working on horses in his hometown to a diverse equestrian training that involved three-day eventing, showjumping, dressage, and racehorses. After creating Double Dan Horsemanship with Dan Steers, James’ talent for equine performance was observed by industry experts, and eventually, Dan found himself in the United States to perform in the 2010 FEI World Equestrian Games in Lexington, Ky, something that every horseman dreams.



In the video shown below, you will see Dan James doing what he does best: communicating with horses in a very unique way. His work with horses is so powerful and together they how to entertain the crowd. As you can see Dan’s horses are well-trained and trust Dan completely. This beautiful relationship is based on faith and love, that’s why together they can accomplish any goal. Enjoy the video!