Little Girl Shows Creative Solution Using A Fence To Get On Her Horse Back

Addie and her sister Sara were out riding and they needed water so Addie hopped off her horse, got water, and was working out how she was going to get back on. Giving your kids and your animals water and food while you go practice any do physical activity, indoors or outdoors, is really important, especially for the little ones (babies, puppies, foal). The best in this situation is to look up the perfect equipment or material for such activity and be aware of the additional needs if they occur. And never forget to get your camera or your phone ready to capture your kids being smart or cute, we would just love to write a review about it! The video was taken from inside the kitchen of the filmer, without the girls knowing. It does make this video a pure act of intelligence and control over the house, we must add.

That little girl surely has a lot of balance, and we could say that she is really brave: the horse could have moved and she would have fallen on the grass. On the other hand, the horse is really calm-looking, and he is patiently waiting for her to get back on for them both to go for a little walk in the fields. Those fields surely look like a good place to ride the horse and enjoy the space, the safety, and good conditions to ride. Remember what we said about carrying equipment and all the necessary materials. This little girl got down to get water, actually, we think this is one more point for her because she has some pretty reflexes even for her young age.

It looks like they are having fun playing in the background because you can also see two bikes at the bottom of the video, and we are pretty sure they cover a lot of track because they have bikes, a horse, and that’s already more means of transportation than any of us!
It’s really good for them, they get to play outside and be autonomous, videos of kids cooperating with animals never cease to put us, spectators, in a good mood.

Now, to mention a few things you need to have if you want to keep a horse. Make sure to schedule your visits to the veterinarian or, to call the doctor over to your house because horses are really time-consuming and high demanding companions. You can go riding out and visiting places on horseback only if your horse is in good shape, even if those places are just taking him around in the backyard! A horse needs to walk, and it needs to have a total checkup done by real veterinarians, especially if it’s a young foal. Horses can be a real dream to have around but also it costs a lot of money, so make sure to have the right funds to give it the best life it could hope for. Horses require a lot of brushing too but that could be done by the kids, something tells us that they would enjoy a hairdressing session with the horse. In the end, who doesn’t just love horses. They are too adorable!