Mamma donkey looking at her baby donkey with so much love

It’s always lovely to see a mother looking at her child with love. Well, let’s take a moment and admire this cute little furball and its mommy. She’s looking at her little one with so much love that it will melt our hearts for sure because baby animals have the power to melt all hearts, even those made of steel.

When you’re having a baby donkey, you need to know how to take care of it properly. Usually, the birth of a donkey foal is a relatively quick process, so it is essential to be prepared in advance. The foal should be kept in a warm, dry place, and sheltered from the wind. A clean, loose box with clean bedding is ideal. Ideally, the box should have been empty for 2-3 weeks before housing the foal and there should be no incidence of enteric disease associated with the area. The box and all equipment used should be cleaned, disinfected, and/or sterilized. Anyone who enters the box should take the necessary hygiene precautions, particularly in the first 72 hours.

Make sure the foal gets regular exercise, especially as it gets older and stronger. As milk contains very little vitamin D, the foal should be allowed outside regularly in the sunlight. Donkeys exposed to sunlight for at least three hours a day can produce their own vitamin D, which is essential for proper bone development

Donkeys are very affectionate animals and they always seek attention, especially when they are little babies. For them, it’s so important to get the love they need, from their mother or from humans as well. A donkey will stand there all day to be petted or groomed. In that, they’re like Golden Retrievers. They really are quite affectionate.

Donkeys are extraordinarily playful and they are also great companions for playful horses and other donkeys. They will play with anything – balls, traffic cones, sweatshirts. They are very cute and you’ll probably want one for yourself after watching this lovely video.