“Master the art of easing a new horse into a new environment – Expert tips inside!”

Although we accept that funny videos are great content and heartwarming or heartbreaking content is engaging, there is another type of content we need to share to keep our value of information sharing to a certain degree of knowledge and information.

This is one of those articles that teaches and advises on how to handle a new horse who has never changed ambient before.

We all like horses in general and in specific situations about horses. Some love riding them, some love taking care of them, and some like to have and create a beautiful relationship. But to go and be near horses, we need information or advice from professionals in the field.

That’s the role of the person in the video. He teaches us how to unload and help a new horse feel good and confident in the new barn.

At the beginning of the video, the horse feels insecure about everything in that place. For good reasons, though, because that horse is only nine months old.

The owner stays calm to introduce himself to the horse and make the horse understand that he is or means no harm. After that, he enters the cargo that the horse is to create a bit of affinity between them without pushing a lot, and he pets the horse.

The horse has a better sense of confidence than when the door opened. It moved a little but got distracted by the ambient and the other horses. Again a pat by the owner made the horse focus on the task. And the job is nothing else than sending the new horse inside the barn where the other horses were.

Another small pat and the horse regain focus.

But that was not the more challenging thing in the whole video. While near the building, the horse gets insecure and tries to get back. The owner is a professional, so he knows that that was never easy. And so he decides to play a line game. You chose a space between you and the horse. Suppose the horse doesn’t respect that line and comes near the bar. You also go near the line.

This will teach the horse that the right way to go is inside the barn. And so did the horse. Entered the barn and started forming bonds with other horses inside.

Although the video was not the perfect instance of teaching a horse to get familiar with ambient, again was a great success. Neither force was used or any other unholy method. The horse was sent inside the barn in the best possible way it could.

Well, you have done it, man! Applauses.