Meet Heart B Dyna: The First Mule To Compete At US Dressage Finals

Who would ever think that a mule would participate in the US Dressage finals? Well, a mule named Heart B Dyna has defied all the odds and is the first mule to compete in dressage. People usually recognize mules only because of their famous trait of being stubborn but little do people know that mules have many other positive characteristics.



Most of the people may assume that mules are misfit, half-breed, or created by mistake. The truth is that they were bred purposefully and history has shown that they are very smart, know how to react even in the most difficult situations, and have an amazing ability to learn things very fast.



Heart B Dyna definitely possesses all the qualities mentioned above and along with her talented rider, Laura Hermanson, they have done excellent work to achieve the level of performance shown in the video below.



It’s always very enjoyable to watch dressage competitions because all the performances are spectacular, but the amazing mule and her rider stole everyone’s attention and the audience was left amazed by their performance.



That mule proved anyone that dressage can be done even by mules and that if you really want something, the whole universe is gonna help you achieve it. Hard work and dedication really pays off and they are the perfect example who prove this. We must say that Laura deserves all the applauds because working with mules is not as easy as working with horses. Don’t miss their performance in the video shown below!