Naughty Jack Russel pulling this horse’s tail

We often hear that horses are fearful of dogs, as they are predators and also the natural enemy of horses in the wild. But we are happy to say that properly trained dogs that are polite and not aggressive toward horses can interact well with them. As horses can be easily frightened and spooked, animal experts advise introducing them to a potential doggie playmate or companion in a positive, low-stress environment, and making sure that the dog isn’t overexcited, and starts their interaction while on a leash.

In our video, we can see that this horse and this Jack Russel dog are quite good friends. The horse doesn’t seem bothered that this playful doggie pulls his tail. This probably happens every day, so the horse is used to this behavior.

Horses and dogs are both social, herd-and-pack-loving animals, so the probability that they get along is relatively high. They’re both animals that prefer company, like to be around well-behaved animals of other species, and enjoy having a buddy to play around with. As long as you’re training both animals to respect the other, you’re likely to have a good chance of animal friendship.

Teaching your horse and your dog to get along should always be a stress-free process for both of them. The first step is to constantly keep them on neutral grounds. Never make it seem to either animal that they have to defend or protect their territory from another. But don’t try to force them together right away. This process should take some days, or even weeks, to be successful.

Once your horse and your dog create a bond one with another, you should consider that there’s a possibility that they will remain good friends until the very end. Because it’s hard or almost impossible to ruin such a relationship, especially when you notice that they become inseparable and they want to be around each other all the time.