Old Man Takes a Kick to the Groin from Horse: Shocking Beach Footage

When you visit the National Seashore, you are likely to come across some of Assateague’s most famous residents – the wild horses. However, it is crucial to remember that these horses are not pets and should be treated with respect. Petting, feeding, or approaching them can lead to serious consequences for both you and the horses. Unfortunately, one recent incident serves as a stark reminder of this fact.

A video has been circulating on social media, showing an old man attempting to touch or direct a wild horse out of the area by touching its back from behind. The horse, clearly agitated and uncomfortable, kicked the man so hard that he was thrown down and away, with the kick narrowly missing his private area. The incident serves as a warning of just how dangerous it can be to approach these majestic creatures, especially when they are not willing or comfortable with the interaction.

It is essential to understand that these wild horses are not domesticated and have a natural instinct to protect themselves. They are tough enough to survive the harsh conditions of the island and have formed their own unique society. Approaching them without understanding their body language can be incredibly dangerous, as this incident highlights. It is crucial to respect their space and appreciate their beauty from a distance.

The wild horses of Assateague Island are feral animals, descendants of domestic horses that have returned to a wild state. They are survivors of the harsh conditions of the island and have formed a unique and thriving society. They are a symbol of resilience and strength, but they are not to be underestimated. To keep both yourself and the horses safe, it is vital to follow park regulations and keep a safe distance. Remember, approaching them can have dire consequences, and the incident with the old man is a clear example of that.