Owner Films Her Sassy Horse Throwing A Tantrum During Lunchtime

Horses are beautiful, majestic, and incredibly graceful creatures. And, at times, the prove themselves as being much smarter than us humans give them credit for. Remember the horse named Daisy who sneakily broke out of her barn, much to her human’s surprise? Well, today we present you with an Oldenburg mare who has zero patience during feeding time, thinks she owns the whole barn, and always keeps her caretakers laughing with her hilarious antics.

When her caretakers started to realize this demanding mare would throw diva-like tantrums come lunchtime, they decided to film her hilarious behavior for all the world to see. Can you say Queen of the Stable? LOL! It turns out this gorgeous horse had taught herself how to unlock her own stall door, after which she’d saunter down the stable as music played throughout the barn — it’s like she’s a model on the catwalk, showing off her skills to her peers.

And though her owners would usher her back into her stable time and time again, she always has yet another jailbreak up her sleeve! This delightful diva of a mare had me laughing out loud. What a genius! How could you even get mad at her?! This is not the first time that horses succeed to impress us.

They have done some of the most unexpected things that no one would ever imagine and this is one of the reasons we love them so much. What about your horse? Has your horse done something unusual that is worth sharing? Make sure to send us a message or simply drop a comment in the comment section so other people can watch it as well.