Owner Is Ready To Leave, But Not Without Her Horse’s Permission

One of the things that I love the most about horses is the fact that they always act like little babies, especially when they are very excited about something. No matter how old they are and how mature they might seem to a lot of people, horses are always children in heart and you can tell by the way that they react as long as you do something that they like.


For instance, horses usually love to go for a swim so as soon as they see the sea in front of them, they will most likely not hide the excitement and go swim. It will be very difficult to get them out of the water. Another thing that I love is when horses get obsessed with us and show all their love. That is what this horse in the video below doing, showing a little bit of a jealousy kind of love.



Have you ever attended an equine event and witnessed something between a horse and her human that just didn’t seem right? Even if a horse appears to be obedient, there may still be those subtle signs of unhappiness she exhibits that are typically overlooked. For example, maybe the spark in the horse’s eye is gone and she has dull, depressed energy about her.



There may be a feeling of fear that radiates through her body, exhibiting tension. Maybe she swishes her tail while riding or pins her ears. These are some of the signs that are obvious and horse people know immediately what they mean. There are also signs that show the great relationship and bond between a rider and horse and this happens not only when they take part in a competition but also in their everyday interaction.


What you are going to watch in this video is a clip showing a Parelli horse trainer, Amy Book, showing us what happens when she leaves her horse Sapphier’s pen. Has your horse done the same thing for you? I am pretty sure that a lot of you will say yes. Have a look at the video and let us know in the comments.