People dress up as horses to prank other horses at farm

The horse is one of the smartest animals. He can easily recognize his peers and is very rigid when he feels the presence of a stranger in his group.

We can easily see how the white horse in the video realizes that “There is an impostor among us.” He does not become aggressive but arouses curiosity for the other horses in the area because they are very friendly and want to meet the “newcomer”.

Horses, unlike other animals, respond to positive stimuli. If you treat them nicely, they will not forget this and greet you with a groan or leave you comforted.

Horses are smart, although some are undoubtedly smarter than others. They can learn, but also the ability to solve things for themselves, such as opening stable screws and releasing accidents on the field.

A horse learns quickly, with correct and consistent training. Also, the horses will learn their daily routine and will find out when it is feeding time or when they can expect delights, etc.

Horses are very social animals. In a natural state, they depend on each other for information that ensures the survival of the entire band. If a predator, for example, appears on the horizon, a horse immediately alerts the others with a wide variety of signals. Fluff, pinched ears, and stamping are just some of these signals. There is no reason why he should not try to communicate with people.

Horses quickly learn to recognize commands and body language. They understand the sounds of the meal, such as the sound of a quad that he knows will be loaded with hay or the sound of a grain crusher in a feed store.

If your horse cares about what’s going on around him instead of focusing on you, he’ll be more likely to get scared. It is always good to get his attention to yourself, so he will be less likely to be scared of his surroundings. If he is trying to turn his attention to other things or other paths around you, you should try to draw his attention to you by asking him to do some basic things he already knows.

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