Rescue Footage Of Firefighters Saving A Horse Stuck In Swamp Will Get Your Heart Racing

While out for a ride in a rural state park, Cupcake the horse slipped on wet grass and fell into a patch of swampy, muddy water and couldn’t get out. The 13-year-old horse was soon exhausted by trying to free herself.

Rianne Jaurez, Cupcake’s human, couldn’t lift Cupcake on her own and began to call for help. She cried out for 2 hours until she was finally able to alert someone. Soon a team of South Metro Fire Rescue Firefighters arrived to help free the 1,000 pound horse from the knee-deep mud.

A veterinarian was called to the scene helping to stabilize Cupcake during the rescue effort. He gave her a nutritional shot and monitored her while 15 rescuers tried to hoist her free. Watch the video below to see how these dedicated rescuers did it! Video footage of their tremendous efforts begins at 1:23.

Cupcake is recovering nicely after her ordeal. Be sure to share this horse’s dramatic rescue with your friends and family!