Rider Falls Off Her Horse But Manages To Get Back On Her Feet Immediately

We have said it many times that falling off your horse is something that has happened to every rider, from the amateur to the most talented ones. If you have ever ridden a horse in your life, you know that falling off a horse is unavoidable and at some point, it’s going to happen to anyone.


In normal situations, people choose when they want to get off their horse but “unplanned mounts” do happen and what matters the most is the way you manage the situation, whether it’s you or someone near you who falls. It’s very difficult to recover immediately after you fall off your horse especially for beginners, who have trouble gaining the confidence to get back on their horse.


That’s why we think that the most important thing after falling off is the way you react to it. That’s what really separates a professional rider from an inexperienced one. In the video shown below, you will see a talented rider who managed to land back on his feet immediately after falling off her horse. The amazing comeback has now become a hit and people from all the world have watched it and shared it many times.


We think this rider managed the situation excellently, thereby keeping everyone else secure and safe. To be honest, it looks like this horse has done this a number of times before, that’s why the rider knew how to react. Watch the unbelievable video below and don’t forget to share it with your equestrian friends to show some love to this amazing rider.

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