Show-jumping tricks with Aston the bull and Sammy the horse

Some people have been known to train cows and bulls to jump and ride them just like a horse. It’s going to take some training, as bulls may be more naturally inclined to be aggressive, but they are rideable. Some are extremely gentle. Yes, they have a stronger character than horses or cows, but they can be tamed just like stallions can. Both equine and bovines are prey animals and social animals.

But even the gentlest bull can suddenly decide to “turn” for whatever reason. “Pet” bulls that were bottle-fed as calves are prone to do this, because they don’t fear humans. But not all bulls are aggressive or vicious. Many, even if they can’t be ridden, live out their lives in relative peace with their harem of cows.

What about you? Have you ever seen a show-jumping bull before? If not, take a look at this video, where Aston the bull jumps just like his friend Sammy the horse.

Aston was rescued from a milk farm since he was a calf. Sabine, who is a horse trainer, adopted and relocated him to her own stables. And, at around the same time, she took in Sammy and started training him as a showjumping horse. The bull, Aston, spent most of his time with Sammy and they became very close friends with each other.

The interesting thing that happened was that Aston paid close attention to Sabine’s training routines with Sammy, and he actually picked up some of the tricks. It was definitely a great experience for all of them. We can see Sammy’s expression in the video, and he looks really proud of himself when he sees that he’s made Sabine happy.

But since riding bulls is not as common as riding horses, it can be hard to find the right equipment or to find the right way to train it.

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