So adorable! This cat loves to slide on horse’s neck

Did you know that horses and cats can be excellent friends? Yes, cats and horses can be friends – and both animals share a close connection. Cats and horses are a lot more alike than you might think. However, for some cats, horses can be a danger, as they are big. Depending on the cats, and if they were exposed to large animals or not at their early age, they would be more or less comfortable around horses.

For example, a city cat that has never seen a horse might be scared. But for a farm cat that sees horses every day, it’s already something normal, like a routine.

As for the horses, cats are not a threat. Horses are usually curious, so unless they had a bad experience with a cat, they wouldn’t mind the presence of cats around. We all saw over the internet cats who enjoyed some horses and had what we could qualify as friendship. The cats would get on the back of one specific horse and groom his mane, and the horse would also scratch the cat’s back.

We can see in this video that cats and horses can even become best friends. Horses need companions. They are herd animals and feel safer if they have other horses or other animals near them. It’s better physically and emotionally for your horse if he can be part of a herd, even if your horse spends a good amount of its time in a stable. But even if you have just one horse, a cat or a dog companion would be great for them.

They can get along just fine. Horses are pretty cautious not to step on things smaller than them. Accidents do happen, though, like a twitchy cat tail getting under a hoof, but it’s pretty rare. Smaller animals are pretty wary of not getting under larger animals’ feet.

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