Spooky Horse Gives Trainers A Scare But They Know How To Handle It

Marco, the horse, has a habit of spooking while being mounted and some trainers have been asked to train him in order that he does not spook any more. In this video they attempt to address those issues and work towards reaching their goal.

The first thing that they try is to despook the horse and this comes in different shapes and sizes and they make it look so easy. In fact, they play with the horse and consider the horse to be their best friend. Next, they do some body control exercises and all this is done with the purpose of showing respect to the horse and making him more responsive.

The horse should not be spooked from humans, no matter where they stand, in the front, in the back or in either side, and saddle noises should not disturb him anymore. All this and more is done with great care and love. Watch the video for more!

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