Strong bond between this loyal horse and its sick owner

The strongest bond between this loyal horse and its sick owner.

She met this horse named Willow when she was only one year old. She came across a lady who had 12 horses, and Willow was one of them. She asked the lady if she could have her and the lady said “yes”.

When she finally had her as her own and started the journey, she couldn’t believe the trust Willow had in her. This girl was one of the first people to sit in the saddle on her and they grew a lot together. They went from “Willow never being ridden” to them galloping along the beach and just opening up a whole new world.

We think it seems unreal to be able to experience this kind of partnership with something that can be so wild and powerful. One thing she always wanted to do was to go camping with a horse and it came at a time in her life just after finding out that she could possibly have cancer. So she really needed to get away and have her horse.

The day when they got back, she had a lot of missed calls from the doctors, and that was when she found out that it actually was breast cancer. And it completely changed her life and her goals. She had to bunker down for the whole of the year for chemotherapy, treatments, and surgeries.

So Willow must have known that something wasn’t right because she was very gentle and responsive. So she felt like Willow was taking care of her on their rides and they became even a little more in tune with each other. Even on the days when she had chemo, she went straight from her cancer clinic out to see Willow. She was feeling sick and awful from all the side effects, and yet through all of that she could see Willow and still feel good. So this is what we call “a strong bond”.”

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